Hawai'i Health Information Exchange is a state designated entity (SDE) that connects hospitals, federally qualified health centers, primary care providers (PCPs) and specialists, and provides EHR selection and implementation assistance through the Hawai‘i Pacific Regional Extension Center Program. The goal of Hawai‘i HIE is to safeguard patient privacy and support secure transport of patient health information in order to improve efficiency, quality, and cost of care. The initial benefits the State HIE offers to registered providers include:

  • Direct Messaging

    • This feature allows for exchange of patient data between two health care entities that have been approved by Hawai‘i HIE.

  • Referral Application

    • This service permits physicians and other health care providers to indicate what informatio

Get a secure health domain address (similar to an email address) today to begin collaborating with peers. Registered providers will be able to use apps running in their office on Medicity's iNexx platform to exchange referrals and clinical documentation with any other provider registered with a HISP.
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